Alien Space Kitchen ("ASK") is a power trio that plays garage-punk space-pop.  2019 finds ASK quite busy with an ambitious recording project. The ASK EP Project, Volume 1 was released on February 15 of this year. It is titled The Golden Age of Climate Change and features 7 songs about weather and climate change. Pasatiempo review by Steve Terrell is at the link:


In this themed EP Project, ASK has many more themes to come. Their goal is to continue making themed EPs until they have covered the intended ground and have satisfied at least some of guitarist/songwriter Dru Vaughter's penchant for working a narrative.

ASK will continue carving out a summer tour schedule and this year should be no exception. Last year found them all over the Midwest from Duluth, Minnesota to Wichita Falls, Texas. This year's tour will take them east toward Memphis and Nashville and all points in-between.

Look for their latest release on Bandcamp and stream it on Spotify. Details, new EPs and artwork will be posted as soon as they become available so stay tuned for all the latest from ASK, your interstellar rock connection to the Southwest.

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